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2. Monitored by Judge and participants

The following occurrences will also be considered foul footwear and, where it applies, the shoes must certanly be taken off the pit (it is if they appear to be in the scoring area of the stake) before any more shoes are delivered, unless all contestants in that game agree to leave a foul shoe where.

(a) Any footwear pitched because of the hand/arm that is opposite in identical competition (See also Rule 3, Section C.1).

(b) The second shoe, if it's pitched from a different platform compared to shoe that is first.

(c) Any shoe that contacts the backboard, platform, court framework, or any ground beyond your pit area before it comes down to rest.

(d) Any shoe that hits a permanent object such as being a tree limb, cable, interior court roof, etc. Note: A shoe that hits a international, going object is not foul and may be re-pitched.

(e) the shoe that is second the contestant changes shoes following the first shoe happens to be pitched. The exception that is only if the first footwear has broken and qualifies for a re-pitch.

(f) A contestant’s shoe(s), if the contestant removes any shoe ahead of the scoring of that footwear is arranged. In the event that contestants cannot consent, a judge shall be called to determine the scoring or may purchase the inning re-pitched.


Part A – Methods of Scoring

There are two ways of scoring the overall game of horseshoes: cancellation count-all and scoring scoring. The strategy of scoring to be utilized will probably be announced by the Tournament/League Officials before the competition starts. Note: Shoes that land not in the “in count” area or which can be announced shoes that are foulsee RULE 5) shall rating zero (0) points.

1. Cancellation Scoring – In termination scoring, the ringers of just one contestant cancel the ringers of the opponent. Cancelled ringers may also be called “dead” ringers. Note: just one contestant can get in each inning.

(a) Ringer Point Values – The ringer(s) of one contestant cancel the ringer(s) of the opponent. Any cancelled ringer ratings zero (0) points. Any un-cancelled (reside) ringer ratings three (3) points.

(b) Shoes In Count – A footwear six (6”) inches or nearer to the stake is “in count” and shall score one (1) point under the conditions that are following
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In the event that striker takes a move at his/her ball and misses completely, the neglect counts being a shot and also the change stops, unless the striker had an extra “bonus” shot.

If the striker’s mallet accidentally hits another ball other than the striker ball, the shot must certanly be replayed, but with no loss in turn.

If a player plays away from turn, there's absolutely no penalty. Any ball relocated throughout the play that is out-of-turn replaced to its position before the error and play recommences precisely. If an away from change is initially condoned (not found) but then later found after other balls are played, only the final ball played away from change is changed and also the correct ball then proceeds. Example: if red plays, then blue performs, then yellowish performs, yellow is replaced, and then red performs properly.

If the striker takes a move at his/her ball and misses completely, the miss counts as being a shot therefore the turn stops, unless the striker had an additional “bonus” shot.

The shot must be replayed, but with no loss of turn if the striker’s mallet accidentally hits another ball other than the striker ball.

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