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8010931122 HIV Doctor contact number Gurgaon South West Delhi

Healthcare Delhi, South West Delhi, Delhi, India
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HIV Doctor contact number Gurgaon
HIV treatment is the use of medications to keep an HIV infected person healthy. Treatment can help people at all stages of HIV disease. Although anti-HIV medications can treat HIV infection, they cannot cure HIV infection. HIV treatment is complicated and must be tailored to you and your needs. Your meditation "cocktail" might be very different than that of a friend who is also HIV positive.

The information in this article provides some information about HIV treatment. When to start medication, which medications are used, how to know if treatment is working, and what can be done if your treatment is not working is a done on a very individual basis. Talk to your health care provider or infectious disease specialist about your own personal situation. Your meditation combination may or may not need to be altered.
HIV Doctor contact number Gurgaon
There are support groups (local and online) your infectious disease specialist can refer you to.

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