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It is true. Looking not a good expert in consumer electronics, you can convert your run-of-the-mill sun glasses into a concealed spy camera! Plus all for the really low cost, together with minimum effort plus knowledge on your own part, and using just a very few basic tools in addition to parts. Here is usually how.Things You will requireYou may need black shades, preferably the sort that wraps close to your eyes and can accommodate the mini camera upon its side. Typically the darker the glasses, the better in order to conceal the concealed spy camera.Additionally, you will need a minuscule spy camera, which often you can find online or by auction houses. Whenever possible, secure a mini spy camera using color capabilities and audio-recording capacities. By doing this, you will have higher quality video clip and audio footages.You also possess to look intended for a mini videocamera for recording the particular video and audio tracks footages. Decide on a tool that fits effortlessly into your bank account. Which includes types involving camcorders, you may have to use cargo slacks because of its wide pockets. ユニット カメラ need to acquire 24-gauge black line to extend typically the wires on the particular hidden spy digicam. Also purchase ユニット カメラ -volt battery with regard to its power supply.The tools essential for this sort of do-it-yourself project are your own trusty wire snips for cutting wires, your soldering gun to solder wires, shrink tubing to be able to protect the wire connections, and a new hot glue shot gun to install the secret agent camera to the sunglasses. When you have most these and a new little patience, and then you are arranged to make your current very own homemade hidden spy camera.Modify the Mini Criminal Digital cameraFirst, expose the separate wiring inside the camera simply by peeling off the particular protective one-wire housing. Using your wire snips, trim the exposed wires within the spy camera to be able to about 3-4 in . from the digital camera itself. You must see 4 exposed wire connections - power, audio, video, and ground. All these should converge into three connectors only : power, audio and video - given that the ground wire is connected in order to all three.

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