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One of the key features of the iPhone 4S is the excellent Music feature that was previously known as iPod. Although every smartphone obtainable has a music player non-e can match the excellent interface and functionality offered by this service. It now seems however that iOS users have the option of an impressive songs player in the form of Shazam Player. We take a peek to find what this fresh application provides. Shazam was first launched on the iPhone system back in 2008 as a means of determining tracks that you were not familiar with. As the program increased in popularity we saw even more features added by the designers including links with the Spotify application and the wonderful LyricPlay setting which accesses lyrics of the song you are currently playing via an internet connection. The latest software released by the company is undoubtedly the very best introduction yet and could replace the basic Music application for most iPhone 4S users.The Shazam Participant enables you to perform all the functions that you would expect from any standard participant and many more. Users can search for specific tracks or browse their collection via a number of different methods. The essential functions which are present on the Shazam VERY GOOD MUSIC PLAYER for the iPhone 4Sdo everything that you expect of them but it is some of the more uncommon features that really stand out. The software allows you to watch Youtube videos of the track you have chosen and info on the song may also be distributed to friends over social networking sites such as Facebook. A rather clever idea is the ability to add song to an excellent or Bad list. Tracks that have been put into the Poor list are less inclined to appear during random playback and songs on the Good list are likely to appear more often. This particular function pays to for consumers who prefer to download entire albums instead of individual tracks since it is very rare for somebody to like every melody. The fun LyricPlay mode can be present and scans your music collection when you first install the application and highlights the tracks which have Karaoke design lyrics available. Even though Shazam Music Player is slightly more difficult to use than the regular Music feature on the iPhone 4S many user will still opt to use this impressive new software program. Some very nice features really advantage a music playback facility and the social networking connectivity will appeal to the younger target audience. spotify music , though, may be the LED lighting suite. play spotify gives three 'DynamicBlack' modes that adjust the projector’s light output instantly in response to picture content, in addition to a manual lighting adjustment that shifts brightness up or down in 5% increments. Unfortunately, while the DynamicBlack options deliver the most consistently satisfying contrast efficiency, as we’ll see in the performance section they cause way too many complications to be usable when watching films. So we’re left to suggest that you utilize the manual LCD brightness setting, reduced to around its 50-60 level for dark room viewing or left up near its 100 optimum if you’ve got ambient light to contend with. Sony has revealed only half of PS4 owners subscribe to PlayStation Plus, despite its apparent benefits. Speaking during an investor contact, PlayStation CEO Kaz Hirai said that only around 2 million PS4 owners have enrolled in PlayStation Plus. “Of all the 4.2 million PS4s that have moved in to the hands of consumers, more than half of those people have enrolled in the PS Plus support”, said Hirai. Neither Hirai or Sony CEO Masaru Kato would provide a particular PS4 PlayStation Plus membership number.Sony’s previous product sales projections of 15 million PS3 and PS4s mixed by the finish of March still stands, despite sales performance fluctuations. The PS4 is selling above expectations, but Sony did say that the PS3 sales downturn is normally more acute than originally predicted. PlayStation Plus presents access to on-line multiplayer for PS4. The membership covers all three Sony consoles - PS4, PS3 and PS Vita - and offers game and content discounts as well as access to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game collection. Every month, the Instant Game Collection offers six games per month to pay for free over the three consoles, that may always be accessible as long as you keep subscribing to PlayStation Plus. A PlayStation Plus membership costs £5.49 monthly, or £11.99 per three months. You may also subscribe for a whole year for £39.99. Currently the PlayStation Plus games available are Outlast, Metro: Last Light, BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2 and ModNation Racers. google music play of voice assistant will utilise FourSquare when it is eventually released the following month. Microsoft recently purchased a $15 million (£9.2 million) stake in FourSquare in order to add restaurant and entertainment suggestions to its Windows Phone range. This expense will also allow Microsoft to use FourSquare location data for its voice-activated assistant Cortana in Windows Mobile phone 8.1, named following the personality from the Halo video game series. Although Cortana provides yet to become announced, “a person with knowledge of the programs” said Microsoft’s Cortana aims to be always a immediate competitor to Apple’s Siri technology, especially as it will be built with FourSquare technology. “This is definitely large validation for the stuff we’ve been functioning so hard on,” said FourSquare CEO Dennis Crowley after the Microsoft expenditure. Cortana is greatly rumoured to become a major new feature introduced with Home windows Phone 8.1, which is expected to be released within the next few months.

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