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Bedbugs Control Services in Chennai Chennai

Others Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Adult bedbugs are oval insects that are flattened and reddish in color. they're practically wingless (only small pads) and have piercing sucking mouthparts. the only food of bedbugs is that the blood of humans, but they also suck blood from other warm-blooded animals. Bedbugs can live for nearly a year without a feed , but they can't reproduce after long periods without food. There are several species of bedbugs known to bite man. Most of those are related to bats or are found in nests of birds. The common bedbug (human bedbug) is nocturnal in habit, taking blood meals in the dark and remaining hidden during the day. It are often found most often hiding within the seams and tufts of a mattress or within the cracks of bed frames. Other hiding places include behind wallpaper and wall decorations, in upholstered furniture, and in cracks and crevices of walls and window moldings. The human bedbug has glands on its body that secrete an odorous oily material.

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