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8010931122 HIV 4th generation test in Vaishali South West Delhi

Health & Fashion Lajpat Nagar, South West Delhi, Delhi, India
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HIV 4th generation test in Vaishali
Why to prefer 4th generation HIV test?
4th generation HIV test is preferred over the other older versions of tests becauseit detects both, the antibodies and the antigens, whereas the third-generation tests could only find the antibodies. This allows them to identify the virus sooner.
How much it takes for a 4th generation HIV test to detect the virus?
Fourth-generation tests can detect HIV before the person’s immune system begins producing HIV antibodies because p24 antigens appear in the blood before HIV antibodies.
Ayurvedic treatment for HIV
As already mentioned, Ayurveda blames a weak or compromised Ojas for HIV infection. With several Ayurvedic remedies, the practitioners help the sufferers to strengthen their Ojas to fight HIV. A strong Ojas resist the multiplication and spread of infection in the body.
The Rasayana branch of Ayurveda provides many potent therapies that include herbs, home remedies, minerals, and other Ayurvedic practices.

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